2013-08-19 08:56:49 by HypnoSquido

Will be posting doodles n whatnot in my thread~
See ya there!


2012-10-26 17:21:00 by HypnoSquido

Hello everyone, Im sorry for not been updating with artwork lately, I am having in mind to update more often, we will see how that goes.

Thinking of maybe posting a new thread in the art forums, cause I kinda lost the old one! x D

well I have been in a Paintchat site named MangaMasters, where you can draw with other people at the same time, kinda like Iscribble but a thousand much better x D

Yeah I dont really think I got so much to say... hope u all are having a good day!

Bah bye!

omg! O.Ô

2012-02-14 17:38:10 by HypnoSquido

One of my artworks are in the Popular Art section AND on the Best Art This Month.
I feel really happy, and thankfull! : D

Thanks for Viewing and Commenting on my Artwork! ; D
I will try to keep on!

Thank you!


2012-01-25 11:30:24 by HypnoSquido

yay im scouted!